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Domicilium Attend ICE 2016

Domicilium is pleased to announce they will once again be featuring as a key exhibitor at the International Casino Exhibition hosted at the ExCel in London.

Domicilium operate the largest and most technologically advanced offshore data centre designed specifically to meet the exacting demands of online gaming businesses. Our customers benefit from some of the most skilled and experienced expertise available backed by the highest levels of care and enterprise-class service level agreements...


The Lottery of Growth

The newspapers this week have been quite interesting. The US upset North Korea by flying a B-52 bomber close to its border, after claims they successfully detonated a h-bomb. Experts were upset after a mountain lion was shot in Idaho with a set of fully formed teeth growing out of its forehead, and actor Sean Penn upset nearly everyone else by tracking down drug dealer “El Chapo” and interviewing him three months before the authorities managed to.

In the UK, a man in Bristol ordered a Kindle and received a patient’s tumour sample instead. Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany was in a plane that fell off a runway and in Wales a monkey took a selfie...


Wear Lycra Avoid Disaster

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 was to be less fat. I came up with the idea on New Year’s Day after two solid weeks of dinners and parties. Like many people, I have a habit of conveniently forgetting most of my good intentions by mid-January but I decided this was one I was going to stick to.

I’ve tried joining gyms before but it doesn’t really work well for me, so to keep myself motivated I decided to employ the services of a personal trainer. While there are plenty of people locally on the Isle of Man who could fit the bill, I decided I needed a step up from your run of the mill gym rat. Someone scary who would shout at me...


Business Continuity in a Nutshell

A range of factors in today’s global outlook has prompted a number of organisations to review the level of their disaster recovery (DR) preparation. We have undertaken a number of DR reviews for a range of organisations over the summer.

By far the biggest issue we have seen is that the DR platform has not kept pace with the production systems. This means that any real invocation of the DR systems would not be effective and in some cases invocation would not be possible. In many cases the DR plan was managed completely by the IT team...